Good afternoon Joanne,

Pleased to hear that i got now work visa until my husband visa expire. I am so happy to get back on my  legal status in New Zealand. Now i can work and help my hubby. It all happen because of your guys hardwork and knowledge.

We both appreciate Jaglal and his Teams hardwork and support for my visa process and to approve my legal status. Thank you so much for your guidance. 

Have a nice weekend ????????

Kind regards, 

Nina & Jignesh

Nina & Jignesh. 27 November 2020

 Talofa Mr Lal, J

How are you and the team?  Praying this message finds you all well and healthy.

I just wanted to send through a Thank you message to you especially.  You’re probably wondering what for? Hehe.. I’ve referred a few of my customers through to you … honestly I cannot remember all their names, some were too scared to make contact with you but I assured that you are an honest, caring, God Fearing Man and as long as they were honest with you, you too will be honest with them. 

All had been paying money to Samoan Lawyers.. thousands and thousands with only words given to them, no paper work, nothing.  I know 4 of my customers which are now with Residency Permits (apart from my Seta hehe) and have come back with a bit of a bounce in their step J

I know 2020 has been a rough year, so I really do appreciate all you do for our people.

Have a great Xmas & New Years if we don’t speak before then.

*oh and yes we’re waiting to hear back from Internal affairs about Seta’ Citizenship.. fingers crossed we get a Yes to end 2020 on a high* J


God Bless.

Warm Regards,

Deevah Eti

Deevah Eti. 25 November 2020

Thank you so so much for all your help Mr Lal and to your team as well, from the bottom of our hearts. May God bless you, your family and your business and your team and their families as well.

Please let us know when and how we are to move forward with the next stage. 

Words cannot express our gratitude and how happy we all are right now. 

Thank you again

Helenanne Lafaele


Helenanne Lafaele . 25 November 2020

Dear lawyer and your team

Thanks for your email .

I am so excited and happy to hear the good news. I was pouring tears with delight. 

From 21 July to now, I was waiting for the result day and night ,and persist in keep hoping positive at anytime. Thank you for telling me always to keep smile . I know you encouraged me.

I will remember it and do it .

This morning, I have post my genuine opinion and favourable comments on the Website. Hope it's helpful for your business.

Special thanks again to you for the great result and your hard works for me. I would like to go ahead with you for my next application. Please notify to me earlier if something need to be prepared for next application. Look forward to having good experience.

The Best wishes for you all.


Kind regards



XIAOTING JIANG. 10 October 2020

 Hi jag,

Short note to say thanks again for the great work,  pretty good batting average!



Andy. 10 October 2020

Dear Team, 

Joanna called to deliver the amazing news this evening. I am overwhelmed with this happy news after our long fight. Thank you so much for being there in each and every step of the process. 

All of you are amazing. 

Jag Sir, i am not sure if we could have won this battle without you. we always trusted you and will trust you. 

Thank you again from bottom of our heart. 

Best wishes,


Kanthi Mathi . 16 September 2020

Good morning sir,big thanks to you and you have done a excellent job. I am speechless.you are the top man and please guide us about our next step  about residency and IPT under residency for future.we will keep in touch. Thanks 

Saurabh Loomba . 14 September 2020

 Dear Jag Lal,

I just finished meeting with you tonight, with my partner Anthony, and I wanted to thank you for you time and energy. Both me and my partner Anthony really enjoyed and appreciated you as a person, as well as your professional opinions. I think Anthony's exact words were, "he was great!". 

 I was curious what the cost would be to continue with you as I'm thinking of filing for my student visa. 

 Thanks again and hope you have a wonderful night,

Laura Ruiz ? 

Laura Ruiz . 30 July 2020

 Hi Jag.. First of all I would like to give thanks to our Heavenly Father, for answering our prayers nf fasting, for this many years, that we trying to find a way to bring my daughter nd her family here to New Zealand, but finally He gave to answer...

  Jag,.. I am so speechless , when I see the email, I shout for joy, nd give glory to God Almighty, for the wisdom nd knowledge that He gave it to you.. Jag I always remember you, for this many years that you help out for my family, seeking, searching and finding an answer on my behalf.. May God bless you abundantly nd your family, specially your business. I know you help many, many Samoan people.. Nd always come out successfully.. 

 Once again, thank you so, so much

  Jag Lal.. GB

 Faana & Tasileta.. 

Faana & Tasileta.. . 16 May 2020

 Hello Sir

Thanks for your email.

I'm so so happy about having the visa. i still remember the day when i talked to you first about my condition and you've not just calmed me down you've suggested me on what to do next.

And he we are now. 

It's all because of you Sir!

Many Many thanks to you sir. 

And yes definitely we will go further for the residence class visa with you only as i know you will get that too for me. 

Please let me know the all next process and the fees structure. 

 We are really thankful to you sir!



Pankti Doshi

Pankti Doshi. 06 April 2020

 Good morning Jag,

 Thank you so much for all your hard work and support!  It certainly would have been very difficult without your guidance and expertise… Your help is much appreciated as always!

 Regila is travelling to India as we speak to get Jebisha along – They are returning back next week. 

 Thanks again and let’s talk soon.

 Kind regards,

Jeba Abraham

Jeba Abraham. 27 February 2020

 Thank you so much sir. I am really so happy with outcome and grateful for all your support. 

This means a lot to us. 

Thank you so much again. We will do it as soon as possible.

 Best regards,


Kanthi. 27 February 2020

 thank you so much sir.

i will always be thankful to you.

you are such a nice and great person ,you help me as a stranger . 

i can understand your kindness and great humanity within you.

sir you save my more than NZ$ 14,000.

thanks once again from bottom of my heart.

RAVI RANJAN. 26 February 2020


Thank you for your hard work, staying late to finish the reply. I am truly moved by your efforts and concern about me. Regardless of their decision, I will always stay indebted to you for all you have done for us in the last few years…


Once again, a genuine thanks from the bottom of my heart






Ambuj Uppal. 23 February 2020

Dear Sir,

First of all I really thank God for showing such a good ,helpful and talented lawyer like you.

I am really grateful for all your help and assistance .

 I have disturbed you so many times by asking doubts but you never got irritated  and  guided me wonderfully 

 once again thank you so much sir,no words to say



Shalini Kamalanathan. 21 January 2020

 Dear Mr. Jag,

I am beyond words to express my gratefulness for your effort and work in assisting my brother to successfully get this visa.

 I wish you all the best for upcoming Christmas and New Year.

 I will personally see you next year.

 Thank you.

 Have a nice holiday Sir.



Pidor. 16 December 2019

Hi JagLal,

Thank you so much and the team for making my husband a resident here in NZ. I know you have done your best in order for him to become a resident not only that but for my family to live happily together and stay together like others here. I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for my husband paper. 

May the Lord bless you and the team.

 Kind Regards


Sili Gafa

Sili Gafa. 31 October 2019

 Dear Jag LAL and Team.

We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father, Jag LAL and team as well as the Minister for allowing Taniela his resident visa.

 We are still in shock. 

 Thank you so much, literally in tears.

The best news ever for 2019.

 Warmest regards,

Taniela and Maria Ahohako

Taniela and Maria Ahohako. 14 October 2019

 Dear Mr Lal,

Thank you for your professional opinions today.
I must say the first impression I feel about you is that you are very smart and you look younger than your age with a decent, generous look.
I really like the quote you have behind your desk. I was going to take a picture but I forgot. I myself find God is true.

Have a good one Mr Lal,

Kind Regards

Kent Pham

Kent Pham. 14 October 2019

  Hi Jag,

Such a great submission thank you for all your hard work truly appreciate it. All is good to go



Leah & Klod

Leah & Klod. 11 October 2019


Good Afternoon Jag Lal, 

 I am so relieve now from the news and we are so much happy from your work. Many many thanks for Nina visa. 

 I am so grateful for the effort you have made for my wife. Thank you so much. 


Jignesh & Nina



Jignesh & Nina. 12 June 2019

Subject: RE : Residence application

Hi Mr Lal 

Thank you so much that you took such a difficult case. 

Regards Rohini

Rohini Mala. 16 May 2019

 Hi Jag,Dulari and all staff

Thank you for helping my visa

I’m really happy to get it

I appreciate it


Aya Nakamura. 15 May 2019

 To Mr Lal & Team..

No words can express how truly greatful & appreciative we both are to receive such great news but all we can say is Thank you.. Thank you.. Faafetai Lava.

We'll speak more Friday morning, look forward to seeing you all, until then be safe & God Bless.

Kind regards,

Dee & Seta

Koroseta and Deevah. 09 April 2019

 Thank you so much for your efficient work Jag, we are satisfied with your final submission and happy for you to send it, giving it a lot of hugs and kisses and hope it works it's magic haha!  

Cecilia & Klodjan. 09 April 2019

 Hello Lal Sir, 

How is doing with you?  I hope you are doing well. Below I have attached the copy of granted student visa sent me by Immigration.  I attached the copy and main intention to write this email that I want to thank you for everything you did for me. 

I know you an expert of helping and taking care of people like me, who required strong hands from guys like you. And I remember how could you helped me to sort the financial issues. I remember every little thing that you taught me and did save me from trouble. 

I will reference you as my lawyer to everyone as a help for you. 

Thank you again and again for your priceless help and kind concern. 


Ohara Wickramasinghe. 

Ohara Wickramasinghe. 11 March 2019

 Oh My God. Thank you so much Dulari for giving us a really really good news. Super happy about this result.

Specially Thank you To Mr. Jag Lal who helped us to achieve this goal so professionally and wisely. Thank you so much Sir.

Kind Regards

Pushpinder singh

Pushpinder Singh. 22 February 2019

We are overwhelmed by this good news. We are so thankful for all the efforts you out through my application. I am more than blesse to have all of you guys. 

I will see you all again soon! 5 months is not that long!

Sincerely yours,

Florlynne Salmasan-Duran

Florlynne Salmasan-Duran. 30 January 2019

Dear Jag,

Thank you so much for this good news and all the work done for the great achievement.

Best regards,


Julien Finck-HR & Legal Director-Air Tahiti Nui. 26 January 2019

 Dear Jag Lal

On behalf of my brother Tutolu Iona and family we will like to take this opportunity from the bottom of our hearts to say thank you very much for your effort and your hard work. We know it wasn't easy from the beginning but you did all you could in order for my brother's application to be accepted.

We would like you to continue to do my brother's Immigration Paper. At the main time i will try and get all the evidence that we need to support his application and then i will book the appointment to come with my brother to see you.

Thank you so much and God Bless

Kind Regards

Juliet Tuakalau

Juliet Tuakalau. 27 August 2018

 Hi jag thanks for accepting my case it is a privilege to meet a lawyer as honest and has integrity like you. 

…wish you appreciated my gift to you and dullari.

More power to you and your endeavors. Have a good day!

Joanna. 11 August 2018

 Good morning Dulari,

This is absolutely awesome.

Thank you very much, I am so happy with Mr Lal’s submissions.

They are true & please use what he has done.

Could you please confirm once it has been filed with immigration please.

Thank you very much,

Steve Campbell

Steve Campbell. 24 July 2018

 Dear Jag,

Amazing submissions my friend.

Thank you so much.

Highest of respect to you.

Steve Campbell.

Steve Campbell. 24 July 2018

 I can not find the words in the world to thank you with all of my heart for helping my family with the opportunity to stay with me (awakura) here in my home land. Your hard work and determination helped us in the most fortunate way. I can not stress enough the relief and heavy burden lifted off our shoulders. My wife is overwhelmed crying with happiness right now this is the best anniversary present in the whole entire world. Thank you again and we will call tomorrow to see we're we go from here. Many many thanks and love from ours to yours Mr Jag Lal.

Kalolaine Finefeuiaki. 13 July 2018

 Jag Lal sir I can't even say thank you cos thank you just won't be enough for wat you and your team has done for me.i will definitely come n meet u the same day I arrive nz.i will talk to priyanka about my travelling.thankyou once again.god bless u and your team.

karishma chand. 13 July 2018

 Dear Mr Lal and team

Congratulations Mr Lal (bit delayed). You have defied all odds and proven why you are the best. And this is perhaps one of the few times in life when I am glad I was wrong and not in control. Hani is fortunate to have you on his team however I hope he comprehends the ball is now in INZ's court now.



Saleema Janisha Jalil. 19 June 2018

 Hi Jag,

I cannot thank you and the girls enough for all you have done for Kolio and I, completing the first step of our plan! 

I will come in to see you once I can get some time off work and thank you in person.

My utmost highest gratitude to you and your team.

Kind regards,


Sara. 16 May 2018

 Thank you very for the team work and made the visa application successful. We appreciate your support and specially Mr. Lal’s guidance & advices.

Best Regards 


Mohammad Shamim Uddin. 15 May 2018

 Dear Mr Jag Lal 

 Thanks for your email. 

I told them when you sent the email to me last time. They were very excited and appreciated to have you as their lawyer.

Thanks for your wish and I will let them know what you have advised me in the email. Honestly, you seems to be my god who always bring hope to my friends.  

Many thanks and regards 

Loann on behalf of Hai ‘s family 

Loann on behalf of Hai ‘s family. 23 April 2018

Hi Mr Jag

Thanks for your email. I am so excited really. 

I know that you always come back to me with a good news all cases you have done for us so far. 

I told them straight away right now. They three feel very excited too. They jumped and hug each other. 

You did a very good job. That’s why it comes back with a good outcome like this. 

Thanks and regards 

Loann on behalf of Hai ‘s family 

Loann Peng. 13 March 2018

Hi guys,

Thank you so so much for all of your amazing efforts and thank you for helping through out the whole process.  

Warm regards,


Megan Nguyen. 28 February 2018

Hi Jag,

Thanks for the email.

Yes we did our best & you were amazing at the hearing.

Will make an appointment to see you & we can go over it all.

Kind regards,


Steven Campbell. 26 February 2018

 Hi Jag,

Just paid your fees for all the work you have done thank you.

I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with you, no matter what happens I know I couldn’t have had a better lawyer than you.

I respect & admire your strength & dedication towards my beautiful girl Chi.

Thanks mate,


Steven Campbell. 16 February 2018

Thank you LORD!!! 

Thank you so so so much Jag!!! I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and for putting this all together.. I am literally in tears! The feeling is overwhelming! 

Thank you so much to you and the girls for what you guys have done for us, words cannot express my gratitude right now! 

All I can say is thank you LORD for blessing us with someone like you!

I will tell Kolio the good news tonight when I get home from work.

Thank you all again!! 

Kind regards,


Sara Afato. 02 February 2018

Millions of thank you sir,

Dear sir I would like to thank you so much. This happens just because of you and your hard work.

And I am so sorry for the inconvinence.

I really like to meet you and tell thank you we will come soon.

Thank you

Sapana and Yog 

Sapana & Yog Kandangwa. 02 February 2018

Hello Sir, first of all thank you so much for all your efforts and help which you have done to get my work visa approved, I almost went to 15 to 20 Immigration Advisers to help me with my PPI letter but everyone gave me negative response, they said I will not get my visa approved in any way but you are only person I found with positive hope and guts to help me with my visa problem.

You went out of your way and help me out from every possible efforts, outstanding service by your staff specially "Dulari" who keep on chasing the immigration in every critical situation. I was totally satisfy with the submission you had made for my issue.

I am really very thankful for all your efforts sir and I will definitely refer you to all my friends and known people and will always approach you in future as well :-)

Ranjodh Singh. 02 February 2018

Dear Mr Jag Lal,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your gratitude and kindness your office showered on my mother and I today. I appreciate all you do and how kind your office workers were to my mother. Thank you so much again I can't express how thankful and appreciative I am for the warm welcoming.

Also I appreciate that you have kept my case completely confidential. Thank you, and my mother loves the gift and bottle of wine she thanks you greatly.

Thank you again for everything and you have made my parents very happy and certain that they have hope for my case in immigration with you as my lawyer.

Kind regards, 

The Finefeuaki and Kaihau family.

God bless.

Kalolaine Finefeuiaki. 12 December 2017

Dear Sir

I really appologise for the delay, I thank you for your great support actually you gave us life, I didn't expect this awesome outcome. Really no words to thank you.

I am happy with the decision Sir. 

Once again thanks a lot for your great support visa.

Kind Regards


Shalini Kamalanathan. 30 November 2017

Dear Mr. Lal

I am so grateful to you for getting my visa done. It will make a difference in my life and I will always remember that.

Kind regards 

Narinder Singh

Narinder Singh. 17 November 2017

Good Morning Jag Lal,

Thank you.. Thank you.. Fa’afetai Lava.

Seta and I have just had a crying session over the telephone and now ready to move to the next step.

Again, thank you so much for your work so far. 



Deevah Eti. 11 November 2017

Dear Jag Lal,

I have got my section 61 approved. All of us. 

It was amazing chating with you yesterday. When I read at your reception "What do you expect from your Lawyer? integrity, responsibility, honesty. All of the above" I thought it is just an advertising thing. But when I talked to you I felt you wrote what you are. Thanks for your time. I really appreciate that. 

Kind regards,


Sujith Ramachandran. 29 September 2017

Hi Jag

That's great news. I thank you for your fantastic work. Look forward working with you in the future.

Many thanks again, your hard work on this case is much appreciated 



Andy. 14 September 2017

 Hello Mr Lal,

Thank you for such a convincing PPI submissions. I am happy with it.

May God be in our favour. Thank you very much for being a reason for my hope ...

I am very pleased with your professional knowledge and I pray to God you get me through this tough situation.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards


Manpreet Kaur. 31 August 2017







RAJESH PASSI. 30 August 2017

 Thank you Jag, this looks really good to me. On a personal note from me Jag, you are an incredible man and i'm learning so much from you as this journey continues.

Thanks for all your heartfelt work and support.

See you again soon.


Steve Campbell. 30 August 2017

 Good Evening Jag,

Thank you for your time today we really appreciate everything you are doing for Chi. I'm sorry I was a little emotional at our meeting, but I thank you for making me feel better. 

Thank you

Steve Campbell

Steve Campbell. 22 August 2017

Thank you so much Mr Lal.

Manaal has started at Whoopi and is fitting in well,

You have made a very positive difference to both our lives,

Hope you are having a good week too, thanks again,

Kind regards,


Wayne Sands. 26 July 2017

Dear Jag Lal Sir,

Om Sai Ram

First of all thank you so much from bottom of our heart. When we heard that Vishal's visa is granted, we were overwhelmed with tears of joy.  We can not explain you in words how happy we are after receiving this good news this afternoon.

Our case was very difficult as we went to couple of lawyers both in Auckland and Hamilton but unfortunately neither of them have express any positive hope for our case nor accepted. But when we met you, we saw the positivity in your words, the way you gather all the information in first meeting was in detailed and thats what gave us a hope. The day we met, we completely impressed by your skill, experience and attention to details for each point which we have mentioned about our case. 

By your professional skill, extensive knowledge, and god blessing, we got the visa approval for two years which is unbelievable for us in just one week without any problem. Thank you a lot sir , you have not only saved our career but also you have help to show the power of truth. Truth always win and we extremely amazed with the result. 

Personally, we can say with confidence that you have such a big heart to serve the people. You have changed our life for BETTER. 

Priyanka and admin team, we really appreciate all your support and communication, within short time frame you have done such a wonderful paperwork for our case. 



Vishal & Beena 

Vishal & Beena Shukla. 21 July 2017

Dear Mr Lal,

I met you exactly 3 years ago? You are a man of great integrity, it makes me want to weep in silence every time when I think of you and your job ethics. We need more lawyers like you!

Janina Moore
Janina Moore. 16 July 2017

Dear Mr Lal,


Thank you very much for your assistance in my NZ citizenship application. I am pleased to report that the application came through smoothly and I know I have NZ citizenship.

This would not have happened without your professional and necessary support. 

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to you.

Yoko & Bill


Yoko Raike. 16 July 2017

 Jag Lal,

Sir I can't even say thank you because thank you just won't be enough for what you and your team has done for me. I will definitely come and meet you the same day I arrive on NZ. I will talk to Priyanka about my travelling. Thank you once again.God bless you and your team.

Karishma Chand

Karishma Chand. 13 July 2017

 Hi Jag Good Evening! 

You are a superman. Thank you very, very much! I just checked my Immigration online account and my work visa (photographer's assistant) is approved. It's unbelievably fast the whole process. I will buy you gift tomorrow. 

Good night! Talk to you tomorrow.

Gang Zhao

Gang Zhao. 30 June 2017

All I can say is PRAISE YOU LORD... LOVE YOU MY PAPABEAR Jag Lal for all the hard work we've been through. Its our work together with our faith bring out this amazing outcome. Everything is possible with our God. 

Maria Laupua

Maria Laupua. 27 June 2017

Dear Jag Lal,

I haven't read the IPT decision yet. But I am very thankful to you that with your efforts  IPT said that my file needs new assesment. I am happy to step forward with you for my residence file. 

Once again thanks Mr. Lal.



Karanveer Chouhan. 19 June 2017

Morning Jag

We have read the letter and I think you have really good and valid points. 

But we thank you for fighting this fight for us in the best way possible. We are very happy with the letter J

Thank you

Julia Viliamu

Julia Viliamu. 31 May 2017

I have read everything and understood,  it's all correct the details and really appreciatie with the way you have shown each and every details of our life's journey. Thanks once again, am happy with the submissions outlined.  


Shristi / Harpreet 

Harpreet Singh. 18 May 2017

Respected Sir, 

I have been referred to seek advice from you as some of my friends had experienced your high level of expertise in Immigration Law, and also your initial complimentary legal advice will also help me to further handover our case in your responsible hand.

Kind Regards 

Sandip Jani.


Sandip Jani. 10 May 2017

Good evening Mr Lal,

I am very impressed by your and your staff work. Thank you for what you did. 

I read it and it is convincing. You did it very well and I hope that will work.

Thank you again



Océane Bergeot. 05 May 2017

Good afternoon,

I am really happy that I got my visa so quickly. First thank you to everyone for this amazing job. You worked for just a couple of days and I had an answer in only one week. I cannot believe it. Thank you so much for your work.


Océane Bergeot

Océane Bergeot. 05 May 2017

Hi Mr Jag Lal,

Thank you for the meeting yesterday. I am really impressed with the meeting we had yesterday. I am happy to hand over my case and sign contract with you.

Thank you 


Abhijit Paraskar. 05 May 2017

Good afternoon,

I am really happy that I got my visa so quickly. First thank you to everyone for this amazing job. You worked for just a couple of days and I had an answer in only one week. I cannot beleive it. Thank you so much for your work.


Océane Bergeot

Océane Bergeot. 05 May 2017

Good evening Mr Lal,

We have gone through the submissions that you have filed. We truly are happy with the submission that you have provided and we do not think that there is anymore nor less information that needs to be added again. Truly appreciate the work that's been done. We praying and hoping that this will be ok for the immigration officer and that he will grant our visas.

Thank you once again Mr Lal.

Kind regards,


Leba Ligavatu. 30 April 2017

Hi Jag

Thank you for the hard work, time and effort your team has put in with fighting our case to the INZ. My husband and I are just overwhelmed with relief that he will not be deported back to Samoa. Phew! But we thank you all.

Julia Viliamu

Julia Viliamu. 28 April 2017

Dear Uncle

Thanks a lot.

What can I say, your submissions are always perfect and seems like a mixture of emotions and professionalism.

You should know that you will always be special irrespecive of the situations life brings forth and I cannot thank my God enough.

Kind regards,


Nupur Chawla. 13 April 2017

Dear sir 

Thank you so so much I have no idea how can I express my happiness I am extremely happy to got this visa and all credit goes to you sir it possible only because of your hard labour it's really a great honour to have have such a great person like you than you so much definitely we will come to visit you and in further also we need your help and guidance. 

Thank you so much and thank you for your entire team . 


Sapana Kandangwa. 12 April 2017

Good Evening Mr. Lal, 

How do I express my relief. You have fought very hard for me and you are bringing positivity and hope back in my life and I hope it will continue.

Your professional competency as a lawyer is beyond my praise limit. I was liable for deportation but your one email changed my legal status from unlawful to lawful. 

Thank you very much for being my voice to red-tape ridden INZ. You know what it means for me to be in NZ and you are fighting for it.

May God bless you and your family.

Thank you ! 

Kindest Regards


Manpreet Kaur. 09 April 2017

Dear Mr Lal,

Thank you very very much ! ! !

Words are not even enough to describe how much I appericiate your help and guidance. It has been 7 grilling months of uncertainty. It has finally came to end on the 8th of September. 

It looked completely impossible and unattainable amid all of this current anti-immigration political narrative. But your professionalism, prayers and hope turned it around from disaster to relief.

You have earned my respect and trust. I look forward to work with you in future. 

I am happy I no longer have objectionable immigration record on bona fida issue.

Thank you very much. May God bless you.

Kindest Regards,

Manpreet & Family

Manpreet Kaur. 09 April 2017

Hi Jag and teams

We really happy that Jag and the teams make our wish comes true.

They are really professional and friendly as well.

They care about our well being and make sure everything is okay.

And we really pleased for what we got in the end.

Again thank you so much for all your hard works.

May GOD always bless you. Happy Easter


Sinthia and Denny



Sinthia Willy. 04 April 2017

Dear Jag

What great news! Thank's for all your help and input with this process. Couldn't be happier with the result. We look forward to our future in NZ and seeing where it takes us. 

Kind regards

Jesse Griffiths

Jesse Griffiths. 19 March 2017

Please thank Mr Lal for his hard work, we are very appreciative...

Kindest regards

Steve & Chi

Steve Campbell. 16 March 2017

Me and my husband would like to thank Mr Lal for his excellent letter. We wouldn't want to change a thing on this letter. So we approve and want to get this letter to the INZ as soon as possible.

Thank you

Julia Viliamu

Julia Viliamu. 16 March 2017

Hello Jag

Thank you for the great news. I have just checked my email and we are both overwhelmed with the good news. Thank you to you and your staff for working towards my husbands application. We are grateful. We are not sure when we are able to come in and see yous however we will contact asap and consult time and date. 

Have a blessed week

Kind regards

Mr & Mrs Koloamatangi 

Ofa Koloamatangi. 23 February 2017

Hi Natasha,

Great lawyer, goes the extra mile. Helped my case with my husband. Absolutely wonderful.

I hope everything works well.


Cristine Suapula. 14 February 2017

Dear Mr Lal,

Thank you very much for your advise on my application for the NZ citizenship.

All necessary documents are now in the hand of the ministry.

Both Bill and I are very pleased that the process seems to be moving more smoothly and quickly than we anticipated.

You spent more than generous time with us with a very kind and warm manner. We really appreciated it.

I am looking forward to report back to you with a good news.

Sincerely yours,


Yoko Raike. 27 January 2017

Wow lovely to wake up with this great news indeed. Huge thank you for your amazing team for helping us through this. You guys made a family happy and we are extremely greatful for that.

Thank you so much... 

God bless. 


Beza family

Hale Beza. 16 January 2017

This is just to once again express appreciation, not only for your time spent and wise counsel but also for both your understanding and insight regarding the emotional impact of her sitation in Japan upon Yoko's well-being.

Incidentally, my butcher's wife who thought immediately of you whilst overhearing bits of a discussion regarding the matter, was named Carol Highet at the time she worked for / with you.  She is now Carol Davy.

Again, Yoko and I both wish you a most pleasant holiday season and a healthy, prosperous and enjoyable New Year!

Best regards,

Bill (William Raike)

William Raike. 16 December 2016

Thanks Jag. I never had any doubts in your ability my friend. GOD always works incessantly and for good work silently. God has worked through you here and chooses the best people to work through.

Satish Parshotam. 10 December 2016

Thank you so much Jag for all your work. Satish always says to me that you are a qualified lawyer who been doing immigration law in NZ and started practicing law before him. This is the result of your work and thanks again. Such a nice gift and good news before Christmas and New Year. Big relief from me otherwise when I can't sleep and got stress that Satish always been receipt a message but last night that receive a happy message and can't sleep too. Thanks again Jag

Rattana Apiarreenan. 12 November 2016

Dear Mr Lal

Thank you for your email and opportunity to review submission.

Must admit the submission is impressively prepared especially with references to previous cases.

Item 61 carries a lot of weight. Mum's case was indeed not given a sensible and reasonable application of law.

Thanks again


Anup Kumar. 07 November 2016

Good Afternoon Jag, 

I would just like to say thank you very much to you and your team for helping me this year with both my work visa at the start of the year then my residency visa after that. It has been great working with you all and I appreciate all the hard work you and your team have put in for me to be successful in my visa applications. Lizy also thanks you from the bottom of her heart aswell, as it would have been devastating to myself, Lizy and Archer had the application not been successful, you and your team helped greatly in keeping us relatively stress free during a very stressful few months and we thank you for that. 

It has been a pleasure to have you guys on my side working on my applications and I look forward to working with you all again when it comes to my next application.

Many thanks & kind regards,

Ryan Justin

Lizzy Timm and Ryan Justin. 21 October 2016

Omg when we received the email, we were all crying and thanking Mr Lal and his staff for helping my dear nephew. 

I'm so speechless not knowing what to say to you guys for putting your effort through his papers.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Mr Lal, you and the rest of the staff for all you have done for Kolio Seala.

Thank you thank you.

Kind Regards

Leua Savaiinaea 

Kolio Seala. 28 September 2016

Good afternoon Jag

I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done for Ryan, Archer and I (and wee baby 'J'!!) We are so over the moon that this stress is now over and we can relax and enjoy our next chapter :)

Thanks again for everything

Kind Regards

Lizy Timm


Lizzy Timm and Ryan Justin. 19 September 2016

Mr Jag Lal,

I thank you so much for helping me and my family, first you helped my husband to become a nz citizen now with my nephew.  We can't thank you enough but we pray to God to pour his blessings upon you and the hard work you have been doing helping families who are in need.


Kind Regards

Leua Savaiinaea

Kolio Seala. 19 September 2016

Dear Mr. Lal

Many thanks for your email to let me about that. I will tell Hai regarding this matter. 

Really I like the way you act for your clients, always all update information comes to everyone very quickly.

Once again,I am very appreciated for everything you do. Also I will bring Chanthou and Hai to see you again when submitting work permit application. 

Best regards

Loann Peng

Chanthou Yim. 16 September 2016

Dear Jag Lal

I would like to thank you very much for the great help and the effort that you and your staff has done for me and my son. May God bless you all. 

Very much appreciated and you will never be forgotten.


Faaleleiga Vaivao & Timothy Vaivao 

Faaleleiga Vaivao. 14 September 2016

 Good Afternoon, 

That is fantastic news! Really really happy!

Thank you guys so much!!

We appreciate you all and all the work you done. 


Manprit and Charlotte Singh. 15 August 2016

 Wow fantastic news thank you so much Mr. Lal and Priyanka, you guys made our night and week. Hanna is over the moon. Thank you for all your help and support. 

Thanks again. 

Nawras Nabhani. 09 June 2016

 Thank you so much for the hard work you and your team has done. Really appreciate it. 

I do not have words to express my feelings but in a small note thank you. It would not have been possible without you to bring my daughter "Shanvi" here but you made it possible and today we both are residents. 

Thank you Sir and your team. 

Sandhya, James and Shanvi. 31 May 2016

 I would like to say thank you very much for you (Jag Lal) for your hard work in my wife case to granted a Residence visa in NZ. 


Everything go smooth because of you and your team. You always look after this case and always make us smile and i think also other client as well. 

Wish you and your teams healthy, wealthy and happiness. 

Phengnit Ngeap and Mey Ling Khun. 13 May 2016

 Hi Lawyer

Thanks for all your help my lawyer! I still can't forget last year when me and Candy came to you with visa declines issue, we were so disappointed and almost go back to China. But you help us alot. It is not only about visa, and the attitude about life, the spirit to fight for the future! I still can't believe that we have resident visa approved only after two months since we submitted! Thanks again for all your help my dear lawyer!

Candy Zhou and Eric Zhang. 12 April 2016

 Talofa Jag Lal, 

I thank you again from the bottom of my heart to Hon. Mr. Lal and your admin team for your hard and loyal services regarding my husband's visas. I pray to God to give more knowledge and wisdom for helping his people. I believe that if it wasn't you who fight hard it wont be successful. Thank you so much and God bless...

Faatali Fiti 

Faatali Fiti. 04 April 2016

Thank you for all the hard work put in Jag. It is great submmission and it definietly makes the whole process a lot less nerve wrecking knowing we have you as our lawyer, now we keep our fingers crossed and wait!!!  

Thank you so much to everyone at the Jag Lal office for everything. You all have been amazing in helping us with our application and we could not have done it without all of you. We are over the moon and overwhelmed with this news, there are not enough words to express our gratitude and thankfulness for all your hard work. 

Thank you so much :)


Lizzy Timm and Ryan Justin. 31 March 2016

Given this news  seriously I cannot explain how I feel. Happiness, excitement all at once. Thank you uncle and your team. You are great and you made me believe that leaving all my stress in your hands was the best choice I ever made. 

Your team rocks!!! All the best guys for bringing the change in everyone's life. 

Laleshni and Ravneel. 03 March 2016

I'm really grateful for the outstanding service I got from Jag Lal Lawyers and team at Newmarket. They did a wonderful job in my IPT Appeal and permanent residency case. Successfully we were granted residency in New Zealand. We are so thrilled to have this perfect outcome.

I sincerely thank Mr Jag Lal and Team for all the help provided to us in our immigration matters. My emails/calls were answered very promptly and never would have to wait for a response or for an advice. I should admit you and we have a lot of patience in answering our countless questions and I really appreciate that. Well, now I believe that you are a miracle maker. Thank you all for helping to make the dream come true!

I do not ever want to think that I have forgotton Jag Lal Lawyers. Honestly you were an inspiration and a father figure to me when I had lost my family. I am grateful for all that you have done for both Sabi and I. Thank you so much :)

Kiran & Mohini. 19 February 2016


Many thanks for your efforts, this has been a very long road but with correct outcome, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions.  

Robert and Yvonne Collin. 15 February 2016
.. 02 January 2016

 Good Afternoon Jag 

Thank you for such wonderful news, everyone are overwhelm and suprise the outcome, thank again for your assistance and help, we will looking forward the final result. 

Tony. 30 September 2015

Dear jag lal, Words can not explain how grateful we are for all your help! When we thought we had no hopes of having Gurpal returning back to new zealand you assured us that things will eventually work out for us as long as we stayed strong as a couple. We can not fully express how grateful we are for all the help and guidance you have given us through this time. Jaj lal is not only an amazing lawyer but also a genuine kind man . We will always for ever be grateful for all your support. We can not thank you enough for the time effort and patience you have put in to for us! We can finally reunite as a couple and enjoy our lifes again together . Jaj Lal is a superb immigration lawyer a honest man who is willing to go the extra mile to help you out. Many thanks for everything !! For ever grateful for your help and all that you have done for us! Arohanui xxx Te Rau Oriwa


WE ARE SO HAPPY JUMPING FOR JOY!!! thank you so much for all your help throughout all of this! it means the world to us both! Words will not describe the happiness we have at this moment thank you for everything 

Gurpal Singh/ TeRau. 21 September 2015

there is a saying in Samoa Ua logo i tino matagi lelei, Ua malietoa ua malotau...those few words in my own language I can use to express deep appreciation to your effort of representing myself to get to where I am now. Mr. Lal I am so grateful for your help and support and pushing me and my wife so that I can receive a residence visa to stay and work here in new zealand. I know that you put all your best into my case and words can't explain how grateful I am for that. before I got my visa I was so worried that I might lose my relationship with my wife and children but through all the hard times we went through we thanked father in heaven for all that he had done for us. I have nothing to repay you for all of that but I pray that the blessings of heaven may be upon you and your office for all the great work that you done to help those in need. thank you so so much and wish you all the best and hope to work together with you through some referrals in the future.

Kalolo Nonu. 09 September 2015

Thanks to you and your team for supporting me through out all these time. I know we went through a lot, we also had some tuff time but its all paid off by receiving my Citizenship. I don't have much words to explain how much happy I am. But once again your works still shining above my head. Jag, thanks once again and I will see you guy's some time soon.

Paulo Sovala. 26 August 2015

 Hello Uncle ,

For me my Uncle . My journey started with him when I had issue of my temporary class visa in 2013. Immigration were not likely to approve my visa than I approached "Jaglal Lawyers”. That was my first thought because one of my friend had gone through his services which was quite impressive. That time he took charge of my case  and my visa was approved within 3 weeks time. But when ever I spoke to him he always gave sense of comfort . That he is there for me. After 1 year I applied for residency . Which was mid of last year and my residency was approved last month. One thing I would say about Uncle nothing is impossible for you . He can fight for you only you have to trust him. He is the best Immigration Lawyer in NZ. Or I should say comes in Top Lawyers. Highly recommended.

Thanks Uncle once again I think Lord Krishna has chosen you to help me!!!!!.

Subhash Kaushal

Subhash Kaushal. 06 August 2015

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing and taking us to the path of such a wonderful achievement. This would not have been possible without your expert guidance and without the grace of almighty who miraculously brought us to you. We are really blessed to have crossed paths with you and I hope we always keep in touch. I know you are really busy, but please visit our home sometime for lunch or may be a quick catch up over a cup of coffee. Thanks once again and take care. Kind regards Nupur

Nupur Chawla. 15 July 2015

Thank you so much to write this email to me!!!

I was concerned 1 year may not enough time to process my resident visa. Now I understand that my visa type is skilled visa, that is a big step towar resident permit. Life is a dramatic change in one day!!! I will keep in mind that Mr. Lal told me to stay calm anytime. I have been through lot of pressure this year from work, family etc....Finally see the sunshine appearing. Very appreciate everything Mr. Lal and the team done for me. Thank you very much :) 

Kelly Ho. 10 July 2015

My journey started with Jag when I had issue of my temporary class visa in 2013. Immigration were not likely to approve my visa than I approached "Jaglal Lawyers". That was my first thought because one of my friend had gone through his services which was quite impressive. That time he took charge of my case and my visa was approved within 3 weeks time. But when ever I spoke to him he always gave sense of comfort. That he is there for me. After 1 year I applied for residency which was mid of last year and my residency was approved last month. One thing I would say about Jag nothing is impossible for you. He can fight for you only you have to trust him. He is the best Immigration Lawyer in NZ. Or I should say comes in Top Lawyers. Highly recommended.

Subhash Kaushal. 08 June 2015

Hello Mr lal YES what wounderful news thank you thank you very much my kids are very happy. Thank God. Don't have the words but thank you very much for your patients with us and helping us through all this, no words can explain how my family is feeling right now, but God bless you and your family. Really appreciate all your hard work. God bless Love Luisa and family

Luisa. 29 May 2015

 Wow Fantastic submission!!! i am in awe at the angle you are lobbying from. Well Done!! Gods blessings be upon you and the 3 beautiful ladies for your tremendous hard work. Thank you very much 

Litea Vadiga. 10 May 2015

Dear Uncle, I don't have words to Thanks you But still Thanks Thanks heaps, You made impossible possible, You are simply a genius.
Thanks & Regards.

Rahul Sethi. 18 December 2014

We are very grateful that we have had your support throughout this long journey. Our case with fewer people and fewer support was very critical but the divine power and lover from everyone helped us achieve this phase in our lives. There are many lawyers in New Zealand but not one like you. We knew from your first email reply that you will be the most appropriate for our case. Meeting you for the first time was not bad like I had imagined, your were kind, caring and mostly respectful. Many people would not have had the same empathy you had for us. Its the level of emotional intelligence and being able to understand someone that gets you further. We are very happy that we have received our good news, we are still in shock and there are just no words to describe this feeling. Im so happy I no longer have to keep bills and legals docs. You will always be a major part of our lives and we will always recommend your services to anyone in need. Thank you so much we will always appreciate your teams and your support. A gift is not enough to say our thank you to you uncle ji, truly you are one positive person with the most positive aura we have met. Hope to see you in those ties someday.

Sarbjit & Kiran. 17 October 2014

Dear Jag - I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for my mum. I feel terribly guilty to have wasted your time. Please forgive me. I did not realize the extent of the legal situation. Your integrity and kindness have meant a great deal to me and my sisters. It is not often in the world that we encounter people like you. We are extremely grateful. What can I can you and your wife from America to show our appreciation? With great thanks and warm wishes.

Susie Moore. 16 June 2014

Million of Thanks to you and your company for well done job that you and your company done for me and my poor family. Thank you very much for all your help We do appreciate all your help. You take all ours worries from staying in the jail. I do hope this is not the end of our working together you more than the Hero to my family. I will spread around you to my family and friend to use your company for their Immigration matter. Once again myself and Tupou want to say thanks again to you for your help. Malo 'aupito

Hiupeti and Tupou Teulilo. 19 March 2014

Dear Jag sir, Please find wriiten below comments for testimonial – '' With life at standstill after my husbands death when our new born baby was just 10 days old in India, our all happiness turned other way around. Icould not decide how to fight this tragedy and continue my life. I decided to study further in New Zealand and begin new journey in life. Immigration New Zealand rejected my visa. I had no clue why everything negative was happening in my life. Being offshore application I had almost no chance to overturn my decision on application, but thanks to Jag sir impossible became possible with all his expertise. I am thankful to god that instead of taking services of any immigration consultant in India I approached Jag sir. I would highly recommend Jag sir to all those who need immigration advise and help. His experience and expertise speaks for itself as he is capable of handling complex issues. I am not sure if he is the cheapest but I think he is one of the best in immigration matters. Highly recommended" Kind regards

Archana. 25 November 2013


Arturo. 07 November 2013

Firstly I give all the Praise and Glory to the Lord above, for answering our prayers, hearing our cries, and so much more. For a long time Ioane and I have had this massive burden on our shoulders and finally we are free, no more worrying, no more stress. Your good news yesterday has been the best news in my life. I thank you Lord for helping us, for hearing our prayers and for unconditional love. Jag, there is nothing I can say or do to show you how greatful I am for all your help, all your hard work, all your encouragement, all your faith. You were the blessing in our life, you were the road that we prayed to the Lord for. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything and I continue to pray that the Lord will bless you and your firm for the great work you do for others.

Ioane & Cristine Suapula. 07 November 2013

Dear sir A very good morning and thank you so much for the wonderful job you did for us. It means alot. We both are so happy. As per you said sir, even we want to start the process of residency as soon as possible so let us know what sort of documents we need to bring with us and do we again need passport, if yes we will collect our passport whenever we come to auckland or else you can courier it to Us. We will come on the mid of August. will give a call and confirm our appointment. Few of our friends were so impressed with your work even they want you for their cases, so you are going to be really busy now. Once again thanks alot and let us know about the documents and everything that we need to bring. Thanking you Regards

Priya Prakash. 08 July 2013

Hi Jag, It has been a wile since we last spoke or seen one another but hope all is well with you and your team. Just wanted to flick you an email on behalf of myself and behalf of my family to thank you so much for all the time, effort and hard work that you have put into Solomona Filipo's application. I understand that it would not have been an easy job for you with all the complications at the start, which at times became frustrating, but with your ongoing support, advice and counsel, you gave us hope. I can only imagine all the time and effort that you put into this to try and produce a good outcome for Solomona and for our family. It been a long time since I last saw a big smile on my mums face and this is all because of you, none of this would've been possible without your hard work and commitment. Many times when we would sit in your office and discuss this application, I could really feel that you were sincerely willing to help us, and that you wanted the best result for Solomona and our family. You have been really helpful and words can not describe the joy that you have given our family. I believe that the next step from here is to apply for Solomona's citizenship, but right now, once again I am truly thankful for EVERYTHING that you have done. If at any time you are in need of an interpreter, do feel free to give me a call or email and if at any time you need good looking guys like myself to come and work for you please do not hesitate to get in contact. On serious note, fa'afetai, fa'afetai, fa'afetai lava Jag. God Bless you, your team and your family. Soifua ma ia manuia

Ryan. 27 June 2013

Bula Vinaka!! Yes, Glory to God!! And thank you so much. I am really touched and humbled by your work. You really have the heart for people and I cant thank you enough for that awesome work!!. Thank you!! Mr Lal, I will never forget the first time I entered your office. That moment alone was a moment of my heart having peace. I came with tears and brokenness but I left with peace in my heart. Though it was a tough time for me but your embrace alone lifted me and confirmed it that you will help me to go through this. I never give up because I knew in my heart there was a shift. And now, I left your office with tears of joy! Thank you so much! Yes, it's not about money but about people. Everything will fade away but one thing that cannot fade is LOVE and that's what I've got from you. The unconditional love in fighting for the broken ones. You looked beyond Ratu's mistake and all you could see was the potential in him. A fatherly love in putting your arms around us and helped us to carry our cross. Yes, I will come personally to see you once we settle down. Sure enough, I will recommend you because I am a testimony to your great work. God Bless & Regards. Vinaka

Ledua. 18 November 2012
Ana & Ali. 18 December 2011
Lei Vaa & Family. 16 December 2011
Jass. 12 December 2011
Finau Family. 10 October 2011

Good morning Jag Lal words cannot explain how happy and thankful we are to you for all that you have done for us you have made us proud and showed us to have faith and believe in the hard work you do how you care and value your client by helping us succeed and makes our family very happy...As for Lotoalofa he will be able to go back to work next week... And we would really like to meet with you sometime to discuss more of Lotos papers and we do hope that even if Loto becomes a resident we want to continue seeking your help with other things that we may do need help with. Please JAG LAL I do hope that you will give it your uttermost consideration and you are best lawyer that we have ever work with thank you very much for your hard work and we do pray for our heavenly father upstairs to continue to bless you and continue to work with you with more of the good knowledge and skills for you to help his people. you have a good day and many thank you again to you and your team. THANKS.

LU & Lotoalofa. 24 June 2011

Dear Jag, Your good news made my day. It is like a heavy mountain on my shoulder for the last three years, especially last two years after Peng arrived here. It was on my mind every minutes to worry about his welfares since his parents are not here. I am the one to guide him along the way... You are an angel to make his dream to come true. Oh, God bless you, Jag, for what you are doing for the need and the desperate people. Peng was so relieved after I told him the news. He is amazing by your skill and trouble free application. We should come to you much earlier. The first lawyer did not do a good job, which had such an effect on Peng's life for the last 2 years. I wish that I have found you much earlier. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Shuping Gaelic. 02 March 2011
Loke Mei. 06 January 2011
Atapana-Lagi Lolouta. 03 January 2011

To whom it might concern, I first met Jag in the earlier March this year. At that time I was extremely depressed as I just became a single mother and my beloved daughter was an over stayer in New Zealand. After several lawyers turned down my case Jag accepted my case and spent time to understand my situation. With his professional advice and efficient work, the case has been solved perfectly. Jag now is not an only a lawyer to me, with his patient and care I now see Jag as my friend as well. He is so passionate to what he does, you will not be surprised to see when the case is perfectly solved Jag congrats you with his true smile. As his client and friend, I am very thankful to Jag as he has not only helped with my daughter's visa but also successfully assisted me with my work permit and processing my residency application. I especially want to say thank you to Jag for the case of my mother's visitor visa as it only took two working days for the permit is granted so my mother can be with me and her granddaughter for this Christmas and New Year. With Jag, I believe I am getting the best.

Yue Hu. 12 June 2010

I recently engaged Jag Lal for an immigration matter involving a removal order for a friend who was to be deported back to Ghana. Jag immediately impressed me with his professionalism, his competence and his care. In today's world where we hear so much about cut throat lawyers who appear to prey on the weak and the vulnerable, it is refreshing to find someone who operates with such a very high degree of personal integrity and diligence. Jag took the time to understand the special nature of my friend's case, he provided appropriate and timely legal advice and support and his service to us was extremely cost effective. Jag is not frightened to challenge decisions that other lawyers would fear to touch. What drives him is a belief in miracles, and that for every problem, there is a solution. His passion for what he does, and his knowledge gained over many years in practice marks him as a strong ally to have on your side. I have no hesitation whatsoever at recommending him to anyone needing the services of a competent and caring lawyer. With Jag on your side, you know you're getting the best! Yours sincerely,

Tracey Ashworth, Employment Consulting Solutions. 25 February 2010
Lote Vaeasi & Solofuti family. 15 August 2009
Candy Yoo. 02 July 2009
Liz Ransom. 04 June 2009
An Jani, Peter, Monique & Sandra. 15 May 2009
Moti & Lucy. 06 January 2009